Saturday, December 26, 2009

Baking - 22nd Dec 09

Hemm.. Last week was a busy week for me after back from holiday... I went to Indonesia for 6 weeks.. and so when I came back in Sydney.. I need to start to make myself used to again to do everything by myself... but it's okay.. I'm back now.. back to normal life..he..he..

So last week was busy for me to finish my orders... baking..baking and baking... then decorate, decorate and decorate...

Thanks God.. I can finish them on time...

Here they are my cakes...

so what do u think? aren't they nice?? he..he..

Enjoy and be blessed..

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I just finished my Devotion reading...


1. JOHN 21 : 1 - 14

2. JOHN 21 : 15 - 19

--> "Most assuredly, I say to you, when you were younger, you girded yourself and walked where
you wished; but when you are old, you will stretch out your hands, and another will gird you and
carry you where you do not wish."
~John 21:18~

~Not everyone who says to me, "Lord,Lord." will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only he who
does the will of my FATHER who is in heaven.~
~Matthew 7:21~

Those are what I got today...

How about you???

Enjoy and be blessed ...^_^...

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Chilli Sardines (Sarden Masak Sambal)

On that time, My hubby bought several cans of Sardines... Everytimes I saw those cans, I wanted to cook it...but a bit confused... what should I cook?.. I wanted to eat something different than I used to cook...googled it.. couldn't find anything... hemm... directly I remembered Ci Ine... She has recipes collection... they are so tasty.. then I sneaked peek on her collection and found "Sarden Sambal Petai"...Hemm.. I liked to try it.. so i cooked it without "Petai"... It's so good ... Yummy.. Try it by yourself...

  • 1 Can (480 gr) Sardines
  • 5 Tbs Rice Flour
  • 1 Tsp Coriander Powder
  • 2 pcs garlic, crushed
  • Salt to Taste
  • A bit of Water
  • Oil for fry

  • 1 pc Onion, Sliced 1/2 cm
  • 1 pc Garlic, Sliced
  • 30 gr Red Chilli, Blended or 2 Tbs Crushed Red Chilli
  • 2 pcs Tomato, Sliced
  • 15 pcs Petai, cut to half


  1. Separate the Sardines with the Sauce
  2. Mix together Rice Flour, Coriander, Crushed Garlic, Salt & A bit of Water, til the mixture is thick enough for coating.
  3. Heat the Oil, Dip the Sardines to the Mixture and fry them in the hot oil til golden color. Remove them and put aside.
  4. Fry Onion, garlic and Crushed Chilli. Put Tomato and the Sardines' Sauce in & Stir them together then "Petai".
  5. Cook til "Petai" are ready then put in the Sardines, Stir them for a few minutes and remove them from stove

**** I didn't put any "Petai".... ├žos I didn't have them... he..he..

Enjoy and be blessed

Thursday, July 30, 2009

KBB#12: Cheese Souffles

Hemmm... I got a love letter from KBB for KBB # 12 and it will be my last love letter from them 'cos I have resigned from KBB after this challenge... It's quite interesting journey with them... I learned something new from each challenge... I hope it will not the end of our friendship with all KBB's members...

Please read their love letter as below...

Btw ....I made the souffles with 1/2 of the recipe and I didn't use cayenne pepper (No Stock... ^_^...) ...and also used the Grated Parmesan Cheese instead of the Fresh one...

It's very tasty... so nice... if you like Cheese... you might like to try this one.. it's quite easy to make.. but be careful it's quite fatty.. I guest..he..he..

Pls see the clip as below for all my Cheese Souffles pics ^_^



KBB #12- Savoury Baking

Souffles konon kabarnya berasal dari Negara Perancis yang dipopulerkan oleh chef Antoine Beauvilliers. Souffles bisa beragam, baik manis maupun asin dan dihidangkan sebagai desserts atau main dish. Kali ini kita akan mencoba membuat souffle asin sebagai tema KBB #12-Savoury Baking.

Tantangan kali ini masuk dalam kategori 'menantang'.

Pembuatan souffles panggang asin/savoury dasarnya selalu dengan mencampur roux, yaitu campuran tepung dan mentega (ingat dengan pembuatan Paris-Brest?), lalu ditambah dengan kuning telur, susu dan keju sebagai dasar saus bechamel. Putih telur dikocok tersendiri hingga mencapai volume puncak yang kemudian dicampur ke dalam adonan keju-kuning telur.

Souffle panggang akan mengembang tinggi di oven dan harus dihidangkan segera.

Ketentuan Pembuatan:

Souffle dapat ditambahkan dengan sayuran kesukaan, misalnya bayam, silverbeet, atau yang lainnya. Keju cheddar dapat diganti dengan gruyere. Member diijinkan untuk mengganti keju jika Cheddar, Parmesan atau Gruyere tidak tersedia di tempat masing-masing.
Member diijinkan menambahkan cincangan herbs seperti chervil, basil, parsley, atau rempah lain yang sekiranya dianggap sesuai selera.
Resep ini juga bisa memakai 1 loyang dengan kapasitas ukuran 6 cup, dengan demikian waktu pemanggangan harus disesuaikan.

Selamat Mencoba!

Cheese Souffles

Sumber: The Perfect Cookbook by David Herbert. Penguin Books Australia Ltd 2003.

100g unsalted butter / mentega tawar
½ cup plain (all-purpose) flour / tepung terigu
300ml milk / susu
1 cup grated cheddar / cheddar parut
2 Tbs / sdM freshly grated parmesan / parmesan parut
½ tsp Dijon mustard / mustard Dijon
pinch / sejumput cayenne pepper
4 eggs / telur, separated / pisahkan

Preheat the oven to 190C (375F, Gas Mark 5). Grease and lightly flour six ½-cup-capacity souffle dishes.

Panaskan oven suhu 190C (375F, Gas Mark 5). Minyaki/olesi mentega dan taburkan tepung loyang souffle dengan kapasitas ½ cup sebanyak 6 buah.

Melt butter in a small saucepan over low heat. Add the flour and cook, stirring constantly, for 1 minute. Gradually add the milk and whisk continuously over medium heat until the mixture is smooth, thickens and comes to the boil. Allow to cool for 5 minutes.

Lelehkan mentega di panci kecil dengan api kecil. Tambahkan tepung lalu masak sambil diaduk-aduk selama 1 menit. Tambahkan susu sedikit demi sedikit dan whisk terus menerus dengan api sedang hingga adonan lembut, mengental dan mendidih. Biarkan dingin sejenak selama 5 menit.

Transfer the mixture to a bowl and stir in the cheddar, parmesan, mustard and cayenne pepper. Mix well.

Pindahkan adonan ke dalam mangkuk dan masukkan keju cheddar, parmesan, mustard dan cayenne pepper. Aduk rata.

Lightly beat the egg yolks and add these to the cheese mixture. Mix well.

Kocok ringan kuning telur dan masukkan ke dalam adonan keju. Aduk rata.

With an electric mixer, whisk the egg whites in a clean bowl until firm peaks form. Fold a quarter of the whites through the cheese mixture to slacken it slightly, then gently fold through the remaining whites.

Kocok putih telur menggunakan electric mixer hingga mencapai firm peak. Masukkan seperempat adonan putih telur ke dalam adonan keju untuk sedikit 'melemaskan' adonan, lalu masukkan sisanya perlahan.

Spoon the mixture into the prepared dishes and bake for 20-25 minutes, or until risen and golden. Don't be tempted to open the oven until the souffles have risen. Serve immediately.

Sendokkan adonan ke dalam loyang yang sudah disiapkan lalu panggang selama 20-25 menit, atau hingga mengembang naik dan kecoklatan. Jangan tergoda untuk membuka oven sebelum souffles betul-betul sudah mengembang/naik. Hidangkan segera.


Isn't it a romantic letter ? he..he...

Enjoy and be blessed ^_^

Sunday, May 31, 2009


Hemmm...after absent from KBB# 10... and back from holiday... so now need to back on the track ...^_^...

As usual I need to wait for my daughters to sleep 1st before I do my homeworks or anything else... so while they were sleeping, I started to prepare all ingredients KBB#11: ONTBIJTKOEK. I tried to do everything as fast as I could... hurry...hurry up... before they wake up... at least it should be in the oven...

Btw I don't anything about this ONTBIJTKOEK... I saw this name for so many times on the Indonesian's baking website or mailist... but I was not so interested to try it... 'cos I couldn't read or say the name... even til now...he..he... BUT want or don't want, as one of KBB members I need to make ...^_^...


Source : Kue-Kue Indonesia. Yasa Boga-PT Gramedia Jakarta. 2007.

Ingredients :

* 125g PALM SUGAR (gula palem/gula merah)

* 5 EGG YOLKS (kuning telur)

* 3 EGG WHITES (putih telur)

* MIX 125g FLOUR, 1 tsp CINNAMON POWDER, 1/2 tsp NUGMET POWDER, 1/2 tsp CLOVE POWDER (campur rata 125g tepung terigu, 1 sdt peres kayumanis bubuk, ½ sdt pala bubuk, ¼ sdt cengkih bubuk)

*50g ALMOND SLICES (kenari, iris tipis)


  • WHISK EGG YOLKS, EGG WHITES AND PALM SUGAR TIL FLUFFY (Kocok kuning telur dan putih telur, gula palem sampai kental dan naik. )

  • FOLD FLOUR MIXS GENTLY TO EGG BATTER (Masukkan campuran tepung ke dalam kocokan telur, aduk rata. )

  • POUR THE BATTER IN THE LAYERED WAXED PAPER AND GREASED BY MARGARINE AND SPRINKLED WITH FLOUR LOAF PAN. (Tuang ke dalam loyang roti (loaf) yang sudah dialas dengan lapisan kertas yang sudah diolesi mentega dan ditaburi tepung. )

  • BAKE ABOUT 20 MINUTES (HALF DONE). SPRINKLE ALMOND SLICES. BAKE AGAIN TIL DONE. MOVE FROM OVEN. WAIT TIL COLD AND EAT. (Panggang kurang lebih 20 menit (setengah matang). Taburi irisan kenari. Panggang terus sampai matang, angkat. Potong menurut selera.)






Try it by yourself and let me know what do u think about it....

Happy reading and be blessed ...^_^...

Friday, January 30, 2009

KBB#9: Classic Puff Pastry (Pate Feuilletee)

It's a new year and also a new challenge from KBB... Classic Puff Pastry... hemm... it must be quite a litte hard this time challenge... I never made my own Puff Pastry... usually I bought it... it's so easy and not too expensive..he..he..

But the time is coming, I need to make my own Puff Pastry... Before I got this challenge from KBB, I had a desire to learn and try to make The Puff Pastry... and I never did it..he..he... quite lazy... too many jobs to do it... hard job ...he..he..

I read some of the KBB members' emails.... quite scary ...^_^... some of them were failed ... oh..oh... what to do..what to do... Will I fail too?

Thanks GOD, There is Mbak Emma Isti who helped us a lot on this challenge... She shared her knowledge and answered our questions... Thanks Mbak ...^_^...


Since I didn't know what will happen with my puff pastry... so I decided to try to make it with 1/2 of original recipe from King Arthur Flour 200th Anniversary Cookbook.


I followed Mbak Emma's directions as below: .... ooppss sorry... the directions are on Indonesians

Dough :
resep asli dipakai 3½cup tepung (1/2 cup maizena + 3 cup tepung) atau 3½cup tepung diambil dari 4 cup tepung campuran ( 3 ½ cup tepugn + ½ cup maizena ).
½ resep adonan : 1¾c tepung ( campuran) + 28 gr butter dingin

1. 3½c tepung + ½ stick butter dingin + garam = aduk jadi satu.

2. tambahkan air dingin (1¼c) dan 1 sdm air lemon, ke dalam tepung. penambahan air sebaiknya sedikit demi sedikit, mungkin bisa dicoba ½ cup dulu, baru tambahkan ½ cup lagi kalau memang diperlukan sebanyak itu, atau bisa dikurangi. ini tergantung kondisi tepung, jadi 1¼c air belum tentu dipakai semuannya.

3. Aduk hingga adonan sudah tidak lengket lagi dan bisa dibulatkan (tidak perlu kalis benar)

4. istirahatkan adonan dan dinginkan

Butter block :
1 resep : 3½ stick + ½ c tepung
½ resep : 199 gr butter + 28 tepung

1. campur butter dan tepung, aduk hingga rata, bentuk sesuai ukuran yang diminta dinginkan.

2. cara lainnya, butter yang dingin di tekan2/dipipihkan dengan rolling pin, dan taburi tepung aduk rata dan bentuk segi empat sesuai ukuran. atau bisa lihat cara membuat butter block di youtoube

Melipat dan menggilas :
1. Sebelum di rolled, dough yang telah didinginkan di keluarkan dulu udaranya. dengan cara di tekan/diuleni sebentar.

2. Rolled dough sesuai dengan ukuran butter block.

3. pastikan konsistensi butterblock cukup elastis sebelum dibungkus dengan dough sehingga mudah di rolled. butterblock keras menyebabkan adonan bocor, butterblock lembek, akan licin saat di gilas dan adonan bisa robek.

4. rolled sesuai petunjuk dan istirahatkan setelah selesai proses rolling dan selesaikan sebanyak turn yang diminta.

5. supaya tidak lupa/ada turn yang terlewatkan, sebaiknya tiap turn ditandai . (bisa lihat di video jg)

Pembentukan dan pemanggangan :
1. gunakan pisau tajam untuk memotong dough dan kondisi dough sebaiknya dingin.

2. panaskan oven 205 (oven gas) kalau pakai api atas bawah, 220 api kalau api bawah saja.

3. panggang 15 menit dengan suhu tinggi, kemudian lanjutkan pemanggangan dengan suhu yang lebih rendah (180 ) derajat hinggak coklat kekuningan.

Beberapa yang menyebabkan adonan kurang sempurna mengembang :
1. fat yang dipakai. Sebaiknya pakai fat yang berkisar 80 -100 %, butter kandungan fatnya antara 80-82 %. di Indo ada butter yang memang khusus untuk pastry kalo nggak salah kandungan fatnya 89 % (premium corman sheet) tapi tidak dilempar ke pasaran..khusus untuk bakery dan hotel aja. pastry margarine 80 -81 % fat, shortening 100 % fat Shortening, pastrymargarine, menghasilkan volume /pengembangan yang lebih tinggi di banding butter, ini berhubungan dengan melting point ketiganya. butter melting pointnya paling rendah, jadi pengembangan yang dihasilkan lebih rendah dari shortening dan pastry margarine.

2. suhu oven tidak boleh terlalu panas atau kurang panas. suhu oven saat baking, harus tepat sekitar 205-220 untuk proses pengembangan, 180 proses pematangan/pengeringan.

3. Adonan harus dingin/setengah keras saat dipotong dan gunakan pisau yang cukup tajam untuk menghindari lapisan tertarik atau tertekan dengan pisau tumpul, sehingga layer sudah tertutup sebelum di panggang.

4. adonan digiling terlalu tipis, 0.4-0.6 cm atau lebih tebal

5. kelebihan turn sehingga layer yang terbentuk terlalu banyak dan saling menempel, untuk puff pastry maksimum 6 turn. bisa 4 turn dengan double fold atau 3 double fold dan 1 single fold.

kalau masih agak bingung, silahkan lihat youtoube-nya, mungkin ini bisa membantu. (Danish dough, English fold method) (dough n butter block) (making butter block), shape croissant (shape croissant) (cutting croissant shape) (knowledge about puff pastry)


It took me all day..he..he..'cos I left it in the fridge longer than it should be... when I had a little bit free times from my girls then I did my homework... that's why It took me all day... I filled my puff pastry with Custard Cream... I bought the Custard powder and just followed the direction on the box..he..he.. tried to save my times ...^_^...

THE LAST RESULT WAS.... SUCCESS (can you see the layers)... HORAY ... NOT FAIL ...HORAY..HORAY... and EVERYONES LOVE IT... THEY WERE AMAZED...ME TOO ..he.he..


KBB#9 – Classic Puff Pastry (Pate Feuilletee)

Source: King Arthur Flour 200th Anniversary Cookbook

1 pound (4 cups) unbleached all purposed flour/plain flour/tepung terigu (or 3 ½ cups all-purposed/plain flour + ½ cup cornstarch/cornflour-atau dengan menggunakan 3 ½ cup tepung terigu dicampur dengan ½ cup tepung maizena)

1 pound (4 sticks) unsalted butter/mentega tawar, ½ stick chilled/dinginkan, the rest at room temperature/sisanya di suhu ruangan
1 – 2 tsp salt/garam (1 for sweet, 2 for savory/1 untuk yang manis, 2 untuk asin)

1 ¼ cups cold water/air dingin (or substitute it with 1 Tbs lemon juice for 1 water if you wish to further temper the gluten in the flour/atau ganti dengan 1 sdM sari jeruk lemon jika diinginkan untuk lebih melunakkan gluten di tepung)

Measure the flour into a mixing bowl. Remove ½ cup and set it aside in another bowl.

Timbanglah tepung di dalam mangkuk mixer. Ambil ½ cup dan sisihkan di dalam mangkuk lainnya.

Take the half stick of chilled butter, cut it into small pieces and drop it into the flour. With two knives, a pastry blender or your fingertips, cut or rub the butter into the flour until it resembles cornmeal.

Gunakan ½ batang mentega yang didinginkan tadi, potong2 kecil2 dan masukkan ke dalam tepung. Menggunakan dua buah pisau, blender (dengan fungsi pastry) atau menggunakan jari-jari anda, potong atau remas-remas mentega ke dalam tepung hingga menyerupai remah-remah roti atau cornmeal.

Add the salt (and optional lemon juice) to the water and add this to the flour. Mix gently with a fork until you have a rough dough that pulls away from the sides of the bowl. If you need to add more water, do it a tablespoon at a time until the dough holds together.

Tambahkan garam (dan sari jeruk nipis, jika pakai) ke dalam air dan masukkan campuran ini ke dalam tepung terigu. Aduk perlahan memakai garpu hingga adonannya tercampur rata dan tidak melekat di sisi2 mangkuk. Jika masih memerlukan air, tambahkanlah sesendok makan setiap kali penambahan hingga adonan tercampur rata.

Turn the dough out onto a lightly floured surface and knead until it is smooth and the gluten has been somewhat developed, about 2-3 minutes. Wrap it in plastic and refrigerate for at least 30 minutes.

Letakkan adonan ke atas permukaan/meja yang sudah ditaburi tepung, dan uleni hingga lembut dan gluten-nya sudah terbentuk, sekitar 2-3 menit. Bungkus dengan plastik dan biarkan dingin di kulkas selama 30 menit.

Take the remainder of the butter and the reserved flour and mix the two together until they're well blended and smooth. You can do this with a mixer, a food processor or with a spoon, by hand.

Ambil sisa mentega dan tepung yang disisihkan tadi, campur keduanya hingga tercampur rata dan lembut. Anda bisa mencampur kedua bahan ini dengan menggunakan mixer, FP atau sendok, tangan.

Pat this butter/flour mixture into an 8-inch square on a lightly floured piece of waxed paper. Cover it with second sheet of waxed paper and refrigerate it for at least 30 minutes. By mixing the butter with flour, you stabilize it somewhat so it won't decide to 'flow'.

Campur adonan ini sambil ditepuk-tepuk dan dijadikan segiempat dengan ukuran 8 inci di atas waxed paper yang sudah ditepungi. Tutup dengan selembar waxed paper lagi dan dinginkan di kulkas kurleb 30 menit. Dengan mencampur tepung dan mentega, anda menstabilkan adonan supaya tidak meleleh.

Remove the dough from the refrigerator and put it on a lightly floured surface. Gently roll it into a square about 12 inches on a side. You don't have to be obsessive about the dimension but be pretty close.

Keluarkan adonan dari kulkas dan letakkan di atas permukaan/meja yang sudah ditepungi. Gilas perlahan ke samping hingga membentuk segiempat kurleb 12 inci. Tidak perlu terlalu obsesif menjadikan adonan berbentuk segiempat tapi setidaknya sudah hampir menyerupai segiempat.

Put the butter square in the centre of the dough square but turn it so that the corners of the butter square point toward the sides of the dough square. Fold the corners of the dough over the butter until they meet in the middle. Pinch and seal the edges of the dough together.

Letakkan balok mentega/tepung tadi di tengah2 adonan yang sudah berbentuk segiempat, sehingga sudut-sudut balok menunjuk ke sisi-sisi adonan tadi. Lipat sudut adonan ke atas balok mentega/tepung sehingga setiap sudut adonan bertemu di satu titik di tengah2nya. Lekatkan sisi-sisi adonan ini satu sama lainnya.

Turn the square over and tap it gently with your rolling pin or by hand into a rectangular shape. Rolling the dough into a larger rectangle 20 inches long and 10 inches wide.

Balikkan adonan segiempat ini dan tepuk2 perlahan menggunakan rolling pin atau tangan membentuk persegi panjang. Gilas adonan hingga membentuk persegi panjang yang lebih lebar dengan ukuran 20 inci ukuran panjang dan 10 inci ukuran lebar.

When the dough is the right size, fold the bottom third of the dough up to the centre and the top third over and turn the dough package ¼ turn to the right so it looks like a book ready to be opened. If the dough is still nice and cold and still relaxed, do another rolling and turning the same way. (If it begins feel too soft or wants to resist being rolled, cover it, put it on a small baking sheet and refrigerate it for 15 minutes).

Jika adonan sudah pada ukuran yang benar, lipat sepertiga adonan bagian bawah ke tengah-tengah adonan, begitu juga sepertiga adonan bagian atas lipat ke arah tengah adonan, kemudian lipat lagi ¼ adonan ke arah kanan, sehingga kelihatan seperti sebuah buku yang siap dibuka. Jika adonan masih bagus dan dingin serta masih relaks, gilas sekali lagi dan lipat seperti tadi. (Jika masih terlalu lunak dan tidak dapat digilas lagi, bungkus/tutup, letakkan ke atas loyang dan dinginkan di kulkas selama 15 menit, sebelum digilas dan dilipat seperti tadi).

If you've successfully rolled it out and folded it twice, you've completed 2 turns. Classic puff pastry gets six. Continue refrigerating it after each 2 turns (or more often if necessary) until all 6 turns are completed.

Jika anda sudah sukses menggilas dan melipatnya dua kali, berarti anda sudah menyelesaikan 2 turns. Classic puff pastry turn 6 kali. Lanjutkan mendinginkan adonan selama 2 kali turning (atau lebih jika diperlukan—misalnya jika adonan terlalu lembek) hingga 6 turns sudah diselesaikan.

When all 6 turns are done, put the dough in the refrigerator for at least an hour (and preferable overnight) before shaping.

Jika sudah selesai 6 kali turning, letakkan adonan di kulkas dan dinginkan selama sekurang2nya 1 jam hingga semalaman sebelum dibentuk.

After being thoroughly chilled, the dough can be shaped into croissants, patty shells, twists, straws, etc. Scraps can be chilled and rerolled.

Setelah selesai didinginkan, adonan dapat dibentuk menjadi croissants, patty shells, twists, straws, dsb. Sisa2nya dapat didinginkan lagi dan digilas lagi.

Like other pastry doughs, you can freeze puff pasty in a non-self defrosting freezer for up to a year if it's well wrapped. It can also be frozen at any time during rolling, folding, turning process. Defrost it thoroughly before you use it, just to make sure it does not get too soft.

Seperti adonan pastry lainnya, puff pastry dapati dibekukan hingga satu tahun jika pengemasannya bagus. Dapat juga dibekukan pada setiap proses manapun (pada proses penggilasan, pelipatan, dan turning). Defrost (biarkan dalam suhu ruangan) dulu sebelum digunakan, hanya saja harus dipastikan jika adonan tidak betul2 menjadi terlalu lunak.


Finally finished...

Have reading...

Enjoy and be blessed ...^_^...