Monday, February 25, 2008

Nasi Tumpeng's a 1st Tumpeng which I have ever made...and the result was very good as you can see..he..he.. am I too confident??

I made it for my sweet sweet hubby' b'day...

btw does everyone know what is the meaning "NASI TUMPENG"?

Nasi tumpeng, yellow or white rice shaped into a cone, surrounded and decorated by all sorts of accompaniments.

It’s a Javanese dish that is typically presented at every festive occasion regardless of religion or community.

I was so curious about "Nasi Tumpeng" do they make it?... But when I knew's so looks hard...but don't believe what did you see...try it by yourself...

Happy reading and be blessed....

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Bears Choco Mini Cupcakes

Hemm...They are very cute...and sweet..

my friend ordered them for her daughter b'day...She wanted 1 small cake and some mini cupcakes...with Bears Theme...

I copied the Polar Bear topper from my friend Rita "Polar Bears Picnic Cupcakes" ...Thanks Rita for your permission...

All the cupcakes were icied with Cream Cheese Frosting..and the big cake covered with Plastic Icing and also all the decorations..

Enjoy and be blessed..

blessings ...^_^...

A Cupcakes Bouquet

It's just a gift sample..... so you can have more varieties on gift

On that time, I made it near X'mas I planned to sell it to all church member to raise our CHURCH BUILDING FUND...

It isn't just look good and sweet...BUT It's sweet and taste so good and moist and yummy..cos It contains some almond meal...hemm..yummy....'s better..try it by yourself...isn't it?

Enjoy and be blessed ...(^_^)...

Monday, February 18, 2008


Hi guys..

I'm back..after so long absent from Blogging...

Well..let's us start to back to business..before..I start bla.bla..bla..he.he..

It's a chocolate cake with the buttercream for HSC Graduation...

She wanted a simple cake for some youths at church who just graduated.'s a simple cake, isn't it?



Thursday, February 7, 2008

Wishing You Happy Lunar New Year 2008 !!

Wishing you all

a Happy & Prosperous

New Year 2008

May you always be blessed with happiness, lots of love, best of health and good fortune.