Saturday, November 30, 2013


Sweet heart Tumpeng Rice, BBQ Chicken,  Corned Beef, Chilled prawns with green beans (Udang Sambal Goreng Buncis), Corn Fritters (Bakwan Jagung), Mee Goreng, & Chilled eggs (Telor Balado).


Nasi tumpeng is a dish of turmeric-flavored rice, bright yellow and usually shaped into a cone served with other traditional Indonesian dishes.

But on this.. Someone ordered a heart shape.
♥ LOVE ♥

Raphaelle's Birthday cake - UNDER THE SEA FRIENDS

Splash...splash...swimming around under the sea friends.. so refreshing n yummy

My gal asked me a mermaid cake n she told mommy please make the boy one too - "merman" cos my boy friends r coming too.. it's not fair if you just make the girl one.. hehe so cute ^_^

N can I have a pinata too please mommy?

Okay. .. Let's see, what can I do?  But I don't want to promise you anything 1st okay?

Okay mommy..she said...
***Ohhhh how sweet***

Tadaaaaa.. I MADE THEM. .. the pinata n cake. . She loved it n we really had a gut time.

And on the castle topper,  I wrote my prayer to for her n my generations. 

Thanks JESUS!

Sunday, November 17, 2013


Egg Noodles or Vermicelli with Chicken, egg, beef meatballs n Fried Chicken & prawn meatballs

Elmo Cake

He is coming... Elmo is coming to have some yummy n fun with you.. Yippee ...^_^...