Thursday, April 24, 2008



Recipe From : John Rahman


1 kg Beef Honeycomb

1 1/2 or 2 pcs Onions - Chopped(depends on how big your onions)

3 cloves Garlic - Crushed

1 tsp Cumin Powder

1 tsp Coriander Powder

1 tsp Turmeric Powder

3 pcs Bay Leaves

½ pc Cinnamon Stick

Chilli -> To Taste – Optional

Salt -> To Taste


Oil -> For Frying


  1. Wash & Cut beef honeycomb to Small Square about 2 cm X 2 cm.
  2. Heat saucepan.
  3. Fry Onion and garlic until aroma comes off and colour changes to brown.
  4. Add all of dry ingredients to the oil.
  5. Add beef honeycomb.
  6. Add some water ‘til cover beef honeycomb.
  7. Cover and simmer on lowest heat until tender and dry.
  8. Serve over rice.


  • If you like a strong flavour, you can add more spices.
  • Please add more water, If beef honeycomb hasn’t tender yet.
  • If you don’t like “DRY”, you don’t need to cook ‘til dry.
  • It’s better put the salt on the finishing, so it won’t be so salty...

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Wakka Wakka Last time before I made it...Thinkingit looked so hard ‘cos it looked so complicated... started on one spot then around..around..around..must be so tiring Fainting... BUT when I started.. it’s so easy... just continued to press your icing... Woohoo... don’t believe me?...try it by yourself...

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A SPONGE CAKE WITH WHIPPING CREAM AND FRUITS’s so looks so simple...but it’s SO GOOD in your mouth...Perfecto

My customer ordered me this cake... She just likes a sponge cake..not others cakes.. She told me that she didn’t want any buttercream, Chocolate or Fondant.... So I offered her the Whipping Cream with some fruits on the top...and Filling with strawberry jam & Whipping Cream... Good Job

Thanks GOD she agreed.. if NOT.. OH NO.. Question Mark What else... Roll he..he..

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Thursday, April 3, 2008



Recipe from Kenwood


600 ml (1 pint) milk

1 Vanilla pod split or 5 ml (1 tsp) vanilla essence

4 egg yolks

150 g (5 oz) caster sugar

200 g (7oz) Crème fraiche


1. Pour the milk into a heavy based saucepan, add the vanilla pod, if using and slowly bring almost to the boil. Remove from the heat and leave to infuse. If using vanilla essence just heat the milk then stir in the vanilla essence. Remove vanilla pod.

2. Place the egg yolks and sugar in bowl, whisk together until thick and creamy. Gradually whisk in the milk on minimum speed. Strain back into the pan.

3. Cook over a low heat, stirring continuously, until thick enough to coat the back of a wooden spoon. DO NOT BOIL. Leave to cool then chill. Mix the vanilla custard and crème fraiche together.

4. Place the Ice Cream Maker with the frozen bowl in position and switch to minimum speed. Pour the liquid ice cream mix through the feed tube and churn until it resembles freshly whipped cream.

5. Serve immediately or place in a plastic container and keep frozen, until required. Soften slightly in the fridge or at room temperature, before serving.


Chocolate Creole -> Omit Vanilla and add 225g (8oz) melted plain chocolate to the cooked custard.

Fudge Creole -> Reduce Sugar to 50g (2oz). Melt 450 g (1 lb) fudge with 45ml (3 tbsp) milk over a low heat and add to the cooked custard.


*** Crème Fraiche is A French Variety of cream made from cow’s milk, with a thick consistency and sharp flavour. If unavailable use soured cream as Substitute.


  1. I followed the method 1 – 3 as above.
  2. I used Soured Cream as Substitute.
  3. Since I don’t have the Ice Cream maker, so I Ignore the step 4 & 5. I placed in the Ice Pops Maker and freezed them...
  4. Then ate them.... slurp..slurp...yummy...It’s so good in the hot weather...
  5. If you can’t finish share it to someone else ...^_^...

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