Monday, November 26, 2007

Joined & Held Together By Love

Hemm.. today…I like to tell you about someone…This person is my closest friend… too patient..(hemm …not all the times BUT most of the times…more than me )..and like to improve himself for me…hooray..

WHO IS HE??? hemm…who??.. who??**curious**

He is …. He is…. He is my hubby….he..he..he…who did you think before?

May be you will ask me back…why should I talk about him???... Is he Special?... may be not for you… BUT…YES for me…

We need “Show proper respect to everyone”(1), don’t we? **thinking**

Yeap… I just like to tell you about him…. Since last weeks I told you about my sister… she is a good sister… and I think it’s not fair if I don’t talk or introduce someone else to you who also be nice with me too …any more people like to be nice to me..he..he.. don’t be shy.. come on…. Show yourself…… the truth thing is there are a lot of people who be nice with me…who I can’t list them one by one… …just wait maybe you are on my list…

As all you know that I’m learning about baking and decorating cakes…. So.. that’s why right now I’m talking about my hubby ‘cos he supports me too on this hobby… Like it’s written : “From him the whole body, joined and held together by every supporting ligament, grows and builds itself up in love, as each part does its work.”(2)

Do u like to know how does he support me? He buys all tools, which I need… Please, have a look what he bought for me…

I just showed a few things which he bought me.. just the big.. big.. one….there are some more which I can’t show you.. too many.... they weren't enough on the table… I tried ..but couldn't…

The truth thing is he is a good man…yeap he is a good man… whether he bought me something or not… Love is not because the things he bought me.. but… **guess**

Doesn’t Love cover everything? Like it’s written : “Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.” (3) even when I’m angry, annoying, cranky, bad mood, asking too much, ehmm….bla..bla… ask him by yourself **shy & blushing **

Isn’t it good if whatever we do for the others people because we LOVE them, NOT because OBLIGATION.. Because of LOVE, the OBLIGATION has been remove on the CROSS. Having canceled the written code, with its regulations, that was against us and that stood opposed to us; he took it away, nailing it to the cross.” (4)

Let’s us show love to each others…Be devoted to one another in brotherly love. Honor one another above yourselves.” (5)

I know it’s hard to love to someone who we don’t like…such as our enemy or someone who is snob or bla.. bla ….it’s much much much much more easier to love someone who loves and good with us, isn’t it?

Yeap….but HE already loved us 1st even when we didn’t know and hate HIM…

Keep learning…as all of us know that it’s hard…BUT nothing is impossible in HIM… don’t use your strength.. say it in yourself It is God who arms me with strength and makes my way perfect”. (6)

Enjoy and Be Blessed….

Note: (1) 1 Pet 2: 17a ; (2) Ep 4: 16; (3) 1 Pet 4:8 ; (4) Colossians 2:14; (4) Rom 12:10; (5) Psalm 18:32

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

My 1st Teddy Bear Cake

Hemm..This Afternoon..I already typed so long on my multiply about My 1st Teddy Bear Cake...and saved it as a draft..because I couldn't attach the pic and I don't want to lose it...

But Now...I lost it ...I CAN'T FIND IT...I don't know where is my draft...huhuhu

Okay..Let me to tell you from beginning about it...

Do u still remember about " A Package from US" which I just posted this afternoon?

I told you that my cece (My Older Sister) sent me "The Wilton Stand Up Cuddly Bear Pan Set"

I asked her for it 'cos I like to make a Teddy Bear Cake for Raphaelle on her 1st b'day...

Since her b'day is getting closer..'s another 2 I thought that I better try and practice to make this cake...

The 1st thing I did was read the instruction how to use it and looked for the recipe...Oh Oh..I couldn't the recipe for it....What should I??

They just said that "This Stand-Up Cuddly Bear Cake Bakes best using a batter that is firm, but not too heavy. They recommed using a pound cake mix and a 2 layer cake mix combined".

It's so confusing..I don't anything about pound cake or a 2 layer I started to search on the internet for the firm cake..and found "NCC Basic Butter Cake"...and I thought that maybe this cake is not to soft like sponge cake..

I made 1 portion of this recipe and poured in the filled just half of the pan... then the day after day I made 1 kg of Chocolate Mud Cake Ready Mix and's good.. but when I removed the cake from the pan...Oh NO.....the Teddy Bear's face was sticked to the happened because I didn't grease the pan properly and enough with the shortening..

BUT they didn't discourage me......come on can do it...

Since I couldn't find the pound cake mix and a 2-layer cake mix, so I just bought a Chocolate Cake Mix and a Vanilla Cake Mix...

I mixed them together and bake it...

Tik..tik..tik..Oh LORD, please help me.. I prayed while waiting for it...yeap.. Most of times I prayed while waiting for my cakes...It's written that "NOT BY MIGHT, NOT BY POWER BUT BY THE SPIRIT OF THE LORD."..

Kring.kring...It's came out "GOOD"..Thanks GOD..

Now is the time for the decoration...

...On the beginning, when I just started to decorate was scary......even my hubby laughed on it..

No worries...It doesn't matter what people said...come can do it..

so I just kept decorating it..All is good...

WOW...Done it...It's CUTE..very Cute..even Raphaelle thought that it's a doll..'cos she tried to touch it a few times...and My hubby's good...well done..

Some of my friends thought it was a doll too...I told them..that it's a cake..they said "WHAT"..

I don't have a heart to cut it...It's too CUTE..

Pls, see it by yourself and tell me what do u think?


thanks and blessings

Package from USA ..^_^..


Last month, I emailed my cece (older sister) in Texas, US and told her that I need some Wilton tools for cake decorations. I tried to look in Sydney, but couldn't find all which I need. :(( i told her that maybe she can buy them for me in Texas and send them to me..I like to use some of the tools for Raphaelle's B'day' Cake.

And short story, finally Last week (in the first week of Nov) I got them plus BONUS....horay... :D .. I just asked her for several items, but when I opened the package..WOW ...^_^... they are a lot...Thank you..Thank you ce.. (..^_^..)

She sent me :

  • Stand Up Cuddly Bear Pan Set

  • The Wilton Method of Cake Decorating Course 1

  • The Wilton Method of Cake Decorating Course 2

  • The Wilton Method of Cake Decorating Course 3

  • 12 in. Disposable Decorating Bags

  • Script Message Pattern Press Set

  • Designer Pattern Press Set

  • Decorator Favorites Pattern Press Set

  • Decorating Triangle

  • Cake Stencils Varienty Pack

  • Practice Board w/ Pattern Sheets

  • Italic Make Any Message Set

  • Deluxe Tip Set 29 Pieces

  • Tip Brush

  • 2 pcs Coupler

  • No.7 Flower Nail

  • Decorating Tip # 21

  • Decorating Tip # 233 u believe me now?...I told you that she sent me a heap of things.. (..^_^..)

Isn't it good to have a good cece? ^_^

Thanks GOD for her...

Friday, November 2, 2007


Hi Guys,

Pls, Check my website out....and tell what do u think about that....I need your opinion about it....

Is it too full, isn't it .... ^_^.... YEAP!!... I Know it's too filling :)) ..... 'cos I just uploaded all my cake collections.... and In The Future, there are a lot of things which I will post on it...

Pls, Drop In On My Website sometimes... so you won't miss anything out....

Be Blessed,
Raphaelle Bakes

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