Monday, September 12, 2011

Joelle's 3rd B' DAY

I hope it's not too late to post this one now.. Last month, I was quite busy to post it ..^_^..




JESUS, Daddy, mommy n cie2 Raphaelle love you so much..


In YOUR LORD name, Joelle rejoice all day long.

And in YOUR RIGHTEOUSNESS, Joelle are exalted.

For YOU are THE GLORY of Joelle's strength

And in YOUR Favor Joelle's horn is exalted.

~~ Psalm 89:16-17~~




Early of August, my youngest angel was turning 3 years... It’s not just exciting time for her... but for us as a family...

I always excites when the time is coming to celebrate our household’s b’day... I love it.. plan n search some ideas for the cake.. I love to bake and decorate the cake.. It just make me “HAPPY and BLESSED”...

To bake n decorate the cake for some special.. it’s so good... I just like to show her/him that i love them... and show other people too about it.. why it’s so special for me... ‘cos the cake which one i make for my darling is joining their interests, loves, hobby n etc with my skills n hobby..

1st time when I asked JESUS to bless me with baking n decorating cake talent, I told HIM that I’m so grateful and thankful ‘cos HE has blessed me with wonderful husband and children.. they are my blessing n reward from GOD.. LORD JESUS, please help me to learn how to bake and decorate the cake.. Please give me the talent.. Let me to be a blessing to my love ones... I want to make my love ones to be proud with me... “Look my mommy made this cake for me”.. n tell people that GOD the one who gave me the talent.. *****Matthew 7:8 ~ For everyone who asks receives ****

That’s why I love to bake n decorate the cake... ‘cos i want to be a blessing to others on their special days or events or something....

Btw it’s about Joelle’s b’day.. not me.. he..he.. :)

Right now she loves Dora... That’s why a couple months before her b’day, she already asked me to make Dora theme cake... and she wants THE WINDMILL on the cake too :)

Dora cake?? Hemmm... what should i make??? .... I looked some ideas on nets n tv.. sat together with her and watching Dora.. he.. he.. nice it’s so fun.. watch, hug and tickle... :) :)

Dah..dah... got it... Princess Dora and her castle...

Preparation.. Preparation...Preparation

Helping my mom...preparing my cupcakes

1 week before hand need to make all these ones... dried them out... :))

can you see the details?

On the day..

Cupcakes for Joelle's School.. She celebrated her b'day @ the school too

cupcakes for Joelle's School

Ta da... THE DORA CASTLE CAKE and cupcakes..

Dora Castle Cake

see the details

see the details

Dora Cupcakes

Dora Cupcakes

Dora Cupcakes

Joelle & her cupcakes and Dora's Castle cake

so what do u think??

Happy reading and be blessed..

Thanks and enjoy...

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