Sunday, April 18, 2010

Melon Pudding

The recipe of this melon pudding I got from Rita Ritsell..Thanks Rita ...^_^...

The original recipe is Chocolate Pudding.. Since I don't have some ingredients to make Chocolate Pudding.. so I thought..hemm.. why don't I try to make pudding from this recipe with all ingredients which ones I have.. Melon... I love melon too.. so Let's try and see what will happen..

and the result was so delicious.. and cute...

Melon Pudding

what do u think? isn't it cute?? he..he...

Here is the recipe.. try it by yourself.. it's so gut.. :)) .. btw some of ingredients you need to buy @ Indonesian's grocery shop.. Some of Chinese shop sell them too.. so just looking.. may you get lucky.. he..he..

I try to translate it to you.. 'cos she sent it in Indonesian..he..he..

Chocolate Pudding

Ingredients :

1 pc Swallow Jelly,
1 pc Nutrijel - Chocolate Flavour,
250 ml + 2 tbsp sugar
500 ml Fresh Milk (You can swap it around.. 750ml Milk .. 500ml Water)
750 ml Water
50-100 gr dark cooking Chocolate (If you use 70% dark cooking Chocolate..50gr is enough)
1 tsp Coffee powder (optional)

2 egg yolks (lightly beaten with a bit of milk and sugar .. just take them from the top)


  1. Cook all ingredients except yolk mixture.. stir it with whisker.. so it's easier.. :)

  2. When almost boiling.. turn off the stove and stir in the yolk mixture.... just keep stir it with whisker... til boiling..

  3. then put in the mold...


btw if you need more pics about the jelly package.. pls let me know.. I try my best.. he..he..

Enjoy and be blessed ...^_^...

and ini resepnya pake Indo.. asli tulisannya "Rita"

Coklat Pudding

1 bks agar2
1 bungkus nutrijel rasa coklat beli di indo grocer tuh, bukan nutrisari,
bungkusnya kayak agar warnanya biru ma coklat
250 ml + 2 tbs sugar (aku takar pakek cangkir takaran biar cepet)
500 ml susu segar (pura, kadang di balik, susu 750 air 500 ml)
750 ml air
50-100 gr dark cooking coklat tergantung adnya coklat apa, klo pas punya 70%
coklat ya 50 gr sazah
1 tsp nescafe klo mau
2 kuning telur kocok dengan sedikit susu dan gula (ambil dari yg diatas tuh)

masaknya semua dicampur dipanci, kecuali telur,
masak sambil diaduk pakek whisker

klo sudah keliatan mo mendidih, matikan kompor masukkan kocokan telur
aduk aduk, didihkan lagi, sambil terus diaduk pakek wisker sampe mendidih
angkat cetak sudah hehe..

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